After entering from the parking lot, the office is the first door on the left.

Waiting area 
Each patient is scheduled for an exclusive one hour appointment.  Waiting times are minimal.  Many people come early or stay after their appointment to enjoy the reading material in the waiting room. 
The waiting room offers an eclectic mix of reading materials.  In addition to magazines and educational brochures, there is an extensive collection of books on Baltimore and Maryland history. (not currently available due to COVID 19 restrictions)

Evaluation / Treatment Room 
Diagrams and skeletal models are used to help explain the rationale behind evaluation findings and the treatment program.

Treatment Room 
Most treatment is provided using one - on- one manual techniques.  
Versatile exercise equipment is also available for strength, flexibility, joint motion, balance and coordination training. 
 Emphasis is always placed on one-on-one care, with no one left unattended on equipment.