Advantages to Michael J. Mauro Physical Therapy

I am a sole practitioner: therefore you will see me each visit.  
I have 40+ years experience as a physical therapist. 
The first visit consists of an extensive evaluation so that problems can be identified
 and treatment goals and program can be determined.  
Each subsequent visit is one hour long and starts with a discussion
so that you can update me on your progress.  
Treatment includes use of manual techniques and
of thermal modalities and equipment as needed.  
I spend the whole visit time with you. 
You are not left unattended or assigned to anyone else during your visit.
Treatment includes developing a custom-written home exercise program,
and  instruction and proper posture in daily activities.
Your physician is kept informed about your progress
through written reports, and by phone contact, when needed.
All billing is done in the office by Kathy. 
They are not sent to an outside billing service.